Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Healing

Diatomaceous Earth for Natural Healing

In the world of natural health, a lot of people spend huge amounts of time trying to find ways to achieve a lower state of toxicity. Environmental factors that are inherent in modern buildings, food, and air are all serious threats to your health. Certain cultures of the world have discovered a secret that they've availed themselves for thousands of years. Diatomaceous earth is this amazing secret. This kind of Earth is far different than the dirt found in your front yard, but it is specifically prepared and used for health purposes. The following paragraphs will be explaining some of the benefits of diatomaceous earth for natural healing.

Is It Natural Detoxifier

One of the strongest attributes of diatomaceous earth is its ability to kill not only parasites in the body but also viruses. it is a far cheaper alternative than products like charcoal pills which can cost nearly 10 times as much. Diatomaceous earth helps to cleanse your digestive tract and can also remove odors that may occur as a result of decaying organic matter trapped in your gut. This cleansing process takes a lot of the strain off your liver, allowing it to go about its business cleaning your blood as it should.

It Is an Excellent Filter

Diatomaceous earth has many uses outside of the body as well. Many companies use diatomaceous earth in filtration processes that are necessary to create safe, pure beverages for consumers.  It is one of the primary means of filtering liquid products without ruining their flavor or look, but one of its most important functions is its ability to eliminate microorganisms from water sources. This prevents people in areas where water is scarce from becoming ill and falling victim to water borne illnesses. Places where Diatomaceous earth used, note a decrease in the in the amount of heavy metals that are found in their drinking water. This is extremely important in areas where water is contaminated by lead.

It Is Good for Your Skin

Abrasives are important for removing dead skin from your body. Using diatomaceous earth is better for your skin because it contains no chemical agents that can have side effects or harsh the surface of your skin. Diatomaceous earth is also able to neutralize toxins, and kill tiny organisms that live on the surface of your skin. That means a decrease risk of infections when you get tiny cuts on your body.