Beet Root: Your Next Favorite Healthy Juice

Beet Root: Your Next Favorite Healthy Juice

Even though beets are not the most popular vegetable, a handful of studies in the last few decades have shown drinking beetroot juice may be a great way for you to gain some health benefits. This sugary, root vegetable has been used in many recipes over the years, and whether you think beets are great or not, there's no denying that they contain nutrients that greatly support bodily function. One of the best ways to gain the beneficial attributes of beets, is to drink beetroot juice. The following article is intended to share a few health benefits of beetroot juice.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

Blood pressure issues are serious problems for older adults. When your blood pressure is too high it can contribute to damaging your heart. Blood pressure also places a heavy strain on your circulatory tissues. This can result in inflammation that becomes a ripe ground for blood clots and collections of cholesterol that create blockages. These blockages can cause serious life-threatening events like strokes and heart attacks. Beetroot juice can help to lower your blood pressure. Studies have shown that adults who consume 8 oz of beetroot juice tend to lower their blood pressure. This is because the juice also contains agents that help veins and arteries remain elastic so that they can bend and accommodate passages of small particles.

Reduce Fatigue

Physical activity is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s also very important to have enough nutrients that can feed your muscles and keep your body running efficiently during these activities. In a 2012, study researchers discovered that drinking beetroot juice was able to increase physical performance and metabolic efficiency. The test subjects drank beetroot juice during an observed exercise regimen, and scientists recorded longer performance times than before drinking the juice. Future research opportunities may arise as a result of this study as scientists reach to discover the mechanisms of the juice’s influence.

Raises Muscle Power

Heart failure is a serious condition that can greatly impact the lifestyles of those who suffer with it. When a person has heart failure, it can be difficult for the body to eliminate excess fluids, as well as distribute oxygen two vital organs, and your extremities. There are a number of studies geared towards finding solutions for this life-threatening disorder, but one study focused on beetroot juice was able to observe and record close to a 15% increase in heart muscle power after test subjects consumed beetroot juice. Nitrates found in beets are also able to help make circulation more efficient.